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LOL, the scammers who sold you worthless software and took your hard-earned money are threatening you with legal action if you file a chargeback? It is your right as a credit card customer to file a chargeback or dispute, if the product you purchased does not conform to your reasonable expectations as a consumer based on the marketing information provided by the seller. We first contacted our credit card company and informed them that we want to file a chargeback for this purchase.

We told them the date and amount of charge. They emailed us a form to complete, which identifies the seller, the charge and the reason for the chargeback. We emailed it back with a copy of our emails with the seller. Our credit card company investigates, tries to get a response from the seller, and then reverses the charge. Simple as that. When you purchase something on a website, usually your purchase goes into a shopping cart, and when you checkout to pay, you are taken to a different website, called the Payment Gateway.

The payment gateway is the lifeblood of the ecommerce seller, because it processes all its credit card transactions. Payment gateways carefully watch the number of chargebacks and refunds for credit card transactions that they process, as there can be a risk if the amounts are particularly large. They may close their payment gateway service to the seller, or charge higher transaction fees, if they detect a pattern suggesting potential consumer fraud. CellSpyMonitoringSoftware uses Plimus as its payment gateway provider.

Plimus is a very reputable company, and handles a lot of ecommerce software credit card transactions. Plimus has its own support system for handling complaints that cannot be resolved with the seller. We do not expect Plimus will be able to get our refund, as that usually has to be obtained through a credit card chargeback.

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However, we are certain that our email has created a red flag about this seller and that Plimus may take some action as a result of this. Get your money back through a credit card chargeback and take the seller to task. Flexispy will discount your purchase of our product in exchange for turning over your current Spyphone license key to us.

Get the results you want, and trade in that worthless app. Go with the first and proven leader in Spyphone technology.

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Scammed by Spyphone Software? With that in mind, we would like to share our experience with one particular brand. How to raise a dispute, and do a chargeback on your credit card When you purchase any software, take the time to read the legal disclaimer and the terms and conditions of the purchase. Tips and Tricks June 15, Charlotte Rivers. Every parent has a responsibility to ensure the safety of their children, both offline and online.

Letting your kids have their own iPhones or any mobile phone can cause you to worry because they have a means to access the internet using it. It is for this reason that more and more parents are now turning to spy software and learning how to spy on a cell phone without having it. For them, this is an excellent way to see what their kids are doing online, and also to protect them against any harmful content.

Scammed by Spyphone Software? Here’s What To Do

With the growing number of parents expressing this kind of concern, many companies started offering spy programs. The bad news, though, is that some of these companies are just out there to scam parents. With that said, you have to be very careful in choosing what mobile spy software to invest in. One very important fact you need to understand is that it is possible to spy on cell phone without having the phone, but it is impossible to install the software without having the phone. There is just no way you can install the app on the phone remotely.

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You need to use a link to open and download the cell phone spy. Thus, you need the target phone and an internet connection.

Once the software has been installed, all the activities on the target phone will be monitored remotely. Through an online server account, you will be access all the information you need. Basically, a cell phone spyware can be installed on any mobile phone unit, and most operating systems.

How to Find Legit Top Spy App and Software for Cell Phones

Take note, however, that iPhones need to be jailbroken first before you can install such software on them. Android phones also have to be rooted to start using the cell phone spy software.

Well, there are a couple of ways you can tell a product or a company is a scam. But first, you need to research well.